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Sapphire Migration Checklist


  • Migrate stagingsapphire to new hardware (following the procedure below)
  • Migrate stagingsapphire with dump from sapphire
  • Migrate sapphire to new hardware (following the procedure below)
  • Drop databases on stagingsapphire and initialize with dummy data through rake task.


Questions (for Matthias and/or Helmut)

  • CentOS 8 Stream is a rolling release? Are there and implications for sapphire because of some security critical OS updates we will have to do? (website reads: "Continuously delivered distro ...[])
    • How are package updates going to be handled?


  • create production db dump
  • copy assets to new hardware



  • setup config files:
    • database.yml
    • mail.yml
    • secrets.yml
    • sidekiq.yml
  • gem install bundler
  • import DB dump (lookup for appropriate GIST/snippet TODO)
  • check if assets are correctly linked (i.e. in the correct folder, is this sufficient?)


  • check certificate
  • check auto https
  • check mailing
  • check upload (tests sidekiq)
  • check entering of new ratings (tests redis)